Society is changing. Consumers are not just making different choices. They spend their money differently and use other methods of transport. “Differently” can also be interpreted to mean “more diversely”. Words and phrases like „faster“, „more“ and „more diverse“ play an important role. Consumers decide for themselves what they buy, where, how and from whom. They dictate the rules of the commercial landscape.

Is there need for expansion?

With a high density of shopping centres, is there any need for expansion? How do you make your Centre defensible?  What sets you apart from other Centres?

There are still many clear growth opportunities. These include Germany and Austria and France. Is there still real growth in the CEE region?

Numerous surveys and studies from researchers who are industry leaders confirm that supply, price, cleanliness, convenience and security along with good parking facilities with easy access and exit points are main reasons to visit a shopping centre.

There are nearly 250 outlet type Centres in Europe now; is there still room for more?

Young consumers & tourists today especially like to do their shopping in larger shopping & Outlet Centres with more choice. They meet their friends there and use the facilities typically available in a modern urban centre like destination catering – all with free Wi-Fi, so smart landlords use this to better understand their consumers and their behaviour.

Tenant mix and understanding current as well as emerging brands and how they relate to the consumer is becoming more important to the success of a Centre.