m² retail space
minutes south of Lille

L’escale Outlet Village

L’escale Outlet Village, Hautmont. The proposed Outlet Village is close to the banks of the River Sambre situated on an escarpment above the water meadows. There is direct access from the N2 Highway.  The village is at the heart of a planned retail destination of 34,385m2, which includes a retail warehouse park and leisure uses including restaurants and cafes. There are 9.6 Million inhabitants in the catchment area of 90 minutes making this one of the most densely

populated areas of Europe. The design is inspired by local architecture with a modern feeling of safe and secure pedestrianised environment, next to the car park. The project developer JMP Expansion is one of the young entrepreneurial developers in France whose portfolio includes residential, urban renewal and award winning Retail Parks. The project is currently subject of a CDAC application submitted in June 2016.

Main facts about the project:

  • Village Design
  • JMP Expansion Award winning developer CNCC SIEC 2016 for St Maximin Retail Park
  • 9.5 Million inhabitants within 90 minutes of the centre
  • close to the Belgium border 30 minutes from Mons
  • 1 hour south of Lille
  • 128 stores

Further Information: